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Meet Mike Moreland

Mike Moreland has a driving passion to capture dramatic images that show a myriad of emotions. Shooting from locations throughout the country, Mike’s trademark passion is working with people, architecture, resorts, and various commercial and industrial clients. Mike believes in exceptional personalized attention with clients who love photography. His creative, unique and highly experienced eyes capture scenes that the average person overlooks. Mike takes pride in offering his clients unique images. It’s one thing to take a picture, it’s another to create a work of art. Mike believes in the power of advertorial art, powerful head shots, and images for your business that make a statement.

Mike Moreland has been a photographer for over 25 years. Born and raised in Atlanta, Mike left the South to attend the world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography. Mike got involved in the Commercial Photography field, where he mastered the art of Advertising Photography for over 15 years. Specializing in fashion, architecture, and advertising he appeared in many publications including Woman’s World, McGraw-Hill Publications, Red Book, and the Meredith Corporations (Better Homes & Gardens Magazine). Needing a new challenge, Mike directed his commercial talent towards photographing portraits. There a new passion was born. Mike is anything but your typical commercial photographer. His work has been published in hundreds of national magazines and books including The Atlantan, Jezebel, and Occasions Magazine. Rangefinder Magazine claimed Mike as “one of the top photographers in the country!” He has been presented by the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants with the Professional’s Choice Award Atlanta. Mike has also been named the 2010 Allie Award Winner for the Best Event Photographer.